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Larry standing in front of a wooden bridge.

Larry at the Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens in California.


Larry Lovan is the Founder of Louvain Consultancy LLC. He is a mixed-methods human factors engineer, user research practitioner & consultant in the greater Los Angeles area. He has experience in a variety of industries, such as

In his spare time, Larry enjoys visiting botanical gardens, art museums, traveling, hiking, and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Our Value

We help our clients learn more about their customers' needs, pain points, satisfaction, motives, emotions, and behaviors. By better understanding customers, we can measure whether they are loyal and spreading love to them. Based on observations and feedback, we can also help deliver findings and insights on technology, such as websites, mobile apps, kiosks, etc.

Common User Research Methods

We use these methods depending on the questions being asked, the problems under investigation, or whether we are focused on the user, their use environment, or the product's user interface (UI):


We interface with multiple user groups ranging from B2B users (e.g., medical specialists) to B2C (e.g., consumers).

Product Lifecycle

We maneuver across the entire product lifecycle from empathy to production:


We contributed to the following products:


We conducted user research for the following enterprises:

International Research

We researched remotely or in person with users from the following countries:


Week Activity Hours Rate
1 Research Plan USD
2 Recruitment USD
3 Data Collection USD
4 Data Analysis/ Synthesis USD
5 Report building USD
Hours X Rate USD
Total Cost USD

* Depends on project scope, timeline, and selected methodology

Years of Experience




Ways to Contact

If you or your organization is looking for human factors engineering or user research support, you can contact Larry at the following: